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Board to Board


Wire to Board

Plug in Connection

Wire to Wire


The EF1 series consists of a DIN rail mount type in-line plug and socket and a panel mount type in-line plug and socket which both accept high power crimp contacts with the capacity to handle up to 130A (amps) current rating.

  • Innovative connector design allows the crimped cable to be inserted into the connector housing in a quick and user-friendly one-step operation.
  • The crimp contact can be easily terminated to the cable with use of a standard market commodity JIS C 9711 hand tool.
  • The snap-in lock provides a positive tactile sensation and an audible click to confirm correct mating engagement and secure connection.
  • The unique shape of the internal spring contact and contact points allows the optimum contact force to maintain a highly reliable stable connection. 

The housing features four different mating keying styles to prevent incorrect mating when multiple connectors are used. The connectors are available in a red colour to define the plus or minus connection.

Key Features

  • Contact positions:1
  • Currentrating:130A(max)
  • Voltage rating:AC/DC600V
  • Operating temperature:-25°C-+105°C
  • Matingcycles:30
  • Type: In-line

Suitable applications are power controllers, inverters, storage battery, medical devices, BTS and robot controllers.

 EnerBee -Your best choice for power cable connectors.


The new Hirose family of Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board connectors, developed to offer a technological advanced solution in the power sector. Different versions for current from 5A to 50A, pitch from 3.3 mm to 10.16 mm.

  • EnerBee’s compact design maximises space on the PCB to give greater design flexibility.
  • Safe connection is ensured by the polarization keys that prevent incorrect insertion of the mating half connector.
  • Secure locking is guaranteed by the robust positive locks that give a clear tactile click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection.
  • The centre locks prevent uneven locking and cable entanglement which is common with side locks.


DF60, DF63 and DF22 incorporate a multi-point contact structure. These are unique contacts with independent springs to allow movement to ensure superior vibration resistance and contact points to guarantee a secure connection.

DF33C, DF63, DF22 can be potted. This is a process to protect mounted components from moisture, dust and dirt. The lower part of the connector housing is sealed to prevent potting material wicking into the connector body. Please refer to the table below for the applicable specification for each series.





If you have design problems, the EnerBee is your solution!