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Within our circuit protection program, we can offer a wide selection of fuses:

  • subminiature fuse
  • high breaking fuse
  • miniature fuse
  • glass fuse
  • wire smt fuse
  • chip smt fuse
  • thermal fuse

  • car/blade fuse
  • resettable fuse
  • fuse KI
  • 10 x 28 pv fuse

Fuseholder available

From top manufacturers worldwide for total circuit protection components    

Ask us for more info on the different series, ask us for datasheet here 

Gas discharge tubes dissipate voltage transients through a contained plasma gas.

Thanks to high insulation resistance, low capacitance and leakage, they do not disturb the regular operativity of the equipment.

Their fast response to transient over-voltage events, and ability to dissipate large amounts of energy, translates into reduced risk of equipment damage. 

  • High voltage transient surge protection for small devices 
  • Designed to dissipate large amounts of energy  

Within the Gas Discharge Tube, we have different type of solutions: diodes series, three pin SMT series, dip type series, high surge absorption series.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) device protects a circuit from an Electrostatic discharge (ESD), in order to prevent a malfunction or breakdown of an electronic device. We have different model to cover different application and permits excellent signal integrity on the most challenging consumer electronics interfaces, based on surge waveforms 8/20 us. Several kinds of packaging available. 

  • Max Clamping Voltage: from 5.15 to 43 V
  • Reverse Stand-off Voltage VDRM(V): from 3 V to 24 V 
  • Max Reverse Leakage Current IDRM(uA): from 0.5 to 10 A
  • Peak Pulse Current IPP(A): from 2 to 25 A
  • Peak Pulse Power PPP(W): from 30 to 450 W