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Asiatronix is distributor in Europe of an Asia manufacturer, specializes in the research development and production of PTC and NTC thermistor. They work with complete automatic production and inspection equipment. 

  • specific thermistor products upon customers’ special requirements
  • approved ISO9001:2000 quality system
  • UL and CQC listed


Precise Bead NTC Thermistor


  • radial leading wire resin coating type
  • resistance range: 0.1 ~500 KΩ
  • high accurate resistance and B value
  • excellent precision
  • small size, fast response
  • excellent uniformity                    
  • long time stable working is available
  • working temperature range: -40 ~+125℃


  • house appliance such as air-conditioner, refrigerator, soybean
  • milk machine, bread machine, water dispenser and so on
  • medical facility
  • temperature controller
  • electric gift
  • electric hygrothermograph
  • auto temperature measurement
  • electric calendar
  • charger


NTC Sensor designed for coffee maker

  • High temperature tolerance
  • Widely temperature range of application
  • Inner device is formed by glass encapsulation which has high reliability so when the coffee maker heated without water or breakdown, it will not damage the NTC sensor
  • The planeness of NTC SENSOR can be controlled well so that it can improve the measurement accuracy.
  • It's easy to assemble it to the bottom of the heating plate, there is planner grooves on the heating plate so the NTC heating detector can be put in easily.
  • The wire length and connector can be customized



Apply to the heating plate of the coffee machine,through the firmware stainless steel sheet or other way to fix directly on the hot plate and sensing the temperature of it, thereby indirectly control the heating time or temperature.


Radial leaded resin coated


  • radial lead wire resin coating
  • small size, large power, excellent ability to suppressing surge current
  • fast response
  • large material constant, low residual resistance
  • long working life, excellent reliability
  • full set of specification, wide working range
  • temperature range:-55~+200℃


  • switching power supply, UPS power supply
  • electronic energy saving lamp. electronic ballast
  • electronic circuit, power circuit



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