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Asiatronix is distributor in Europe of an Asia manufacturer, specializes in the research development and production of PTC and NTC thermistor. They work with complete automatic production and inspection equipment. 

  • specific thermistor products upon customers’ special requirements
  • approved ISO9001:2000 quality system
  • UL and CQC listed



For overload protection of general circuit

Automatically protect and restorefrom abnormal temperature and current, also called"auto restore fuse" and "ten-thousand-time fuse".


  • resin coating leading-wire type
  • Suitable for continuous work at 15-265VAC(high impedance)
  • Completed specification
  • Long term stability
  • Re-setting isn’t need after overload protection
  • Contactless switch, noiselessness


  • switch power supply
  • transformer, adaptor, charger
  • electric coils, control panel
  • house appliance(A/C、micro oven)
  • electronic ciruit
  • instrument

For overload protection of communication equipment

Advanced developments in telephony equipment in rencent years have radically altered the protection requirements for both exchange and subscriber equipment. The PTC thermistor must protect the telephone line circuit against overcorrect. 


  • resin leading-wire type/ non coating leading-wire type/ patch type
  • fulfill ITU-T K20 K21
       current impact(10/700μs)
       electric high voltage induction(600V,1A,0.2S)
       wire lap(230V,15min.)
  • suitable for continuous work 110/230VAC
  • small resistance tolerance
  • long term stability
  • fast response
  • re-setting isn’t need after overload protection


  • SPC exchange
  • distribution frame
  • telephone
  • Communication terminal equipment
  • communication equipment

To provide good protection under such conditions a PTC thermistor is connected in series with each line,usually as secondary protection.

Surge pulses of up to 2 KV can occur and in order to withstand short-term power induction the PTC thermistor must withstand high voltages. If the line has primary protection, a 220V to 300V PTC thermistor is adequate. Without primary protection,600V PTC device is necessary.


 The operating principle - When a circuit is in the normalstatus, the current through PTC is lower than the rated current and PTC is in the normal state withsmall resistance value, which will not affect the normal operation of the protected circuit. In case of some trouble in the circuit and the current is greater than the rated current, the PTC will become hot quickly and present a high resistance state, which sets the circuit relatively "off" to protect the circuit from damage. After the trouble is removed, PTC will automatically restore its low resistance state and the circuit will resume normal operation.


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