As Asiatronix we have a wide catalogue of fuses that respond to stringent design, well-chosen raw material, and strict experiment validation to assure an excellent performance and reliable quality.

Our fuses reaches high international standards, and covers a wide range: small in size, easy installation and safety performance.

Within our range we cover power fuses, microfuses and TH & PTC fuses.

Here for Technical specifications



Appearance structure: Ceramic tube
Fusing characteristics: Fast-acting
Rated current/voltage: 125mA-15A 65V & 125V
Certification: UR (125mA-15A) CCC/CSA/PSE (Pending)
Applications: Electronic, power supply, protection for circuit



12F/12T--- SMD

1206 SIZE
Structure: ceramic matrix, glass layer for protection
Fusing characteristics: Fast-acting
Rated current/voltage: 100mA-7A 125V/63V/ 32V
Certification: UR (125mA-15A) CCC/CSA/PSE (Pending)
Applications: Electronic, power supply, protection for circuit



0603 --- SMD

Structure: ceramic matrix ,glass layer for protection
Fusing characteristics: Fast-acting
Rated current/voltage:500mA-5A 32V
Certification: UR&CUR
Applications: Electronic, power supply, protection for circuit



PTC (Resettable fuse)

From PSL Series: 16V (0.01A-14A)

to PSP Series: 250V (0.07A-3.8A)



HB SERIES (Semiconductor Protection Fuse)

Rated current/voltage: 35A-1200A 500V & 700V &1000V
Class of Operation: gR or aR from 500V ( 35A-1200A) 1000V (35A-800A)
Applications: For semiconductor protection fuse such as inverter, UPS, motor drive and so on.



UL Standards Series

Dimensions: Φ10x38mm
Fusing characteristics: Time-lag, Quick-acting
Rated current/voltage: 100mA-30A 500V & 600V - 100mA-60A 600V
Certification: UL/CUL
Applications: Control transformer, solenoid, and other inductive implement components, general line protection, etc.
Motor overload, ground fault, short-circuit, three-phase asymmetric protection, the distributor, breaker overload and short circuit, transformers and other perceptual implement components, equipment Lord into line, feeder and so on.




Dimensions: Φ8.5X31.5 mm, Φ10x38 mm, Φ14X51 mm, Φ22X58 mm
aR: Semiconductor Fuse
gG: Cable protection Fuse
aM: Motor protection Fuse




Dimensions: Φ8×8.5mm
Fusing characteristics: Time-lag,Quick-acting
Rated current/voltage: 100mA-6.3A 250V
Applications: Electronic, power supply, protection for circuit such as television, DVD, computer monitor, washing machine, air conditioning etc..






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