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Gas discharge tubes dissipate voltage transients through a contained plasma gas. Thanks to high insulation resistance, low capacitance and leakage, they do not disturb the regular operativity of the equipment.

Their fast response to transient over-voltage events, and ability to dissipate large amounts of energy, translates into reduced risk of equipment damage.

Within the Gas Discharge Tube, we have different type of solutions: diodes series, three pin SMT series, dip type series, high surge absorption series.


  • DC Breakdown Voltage(VBR)@100V/s(V): 90 - 3600 V
  • Impulse Discharge Current@8/20μs(KA): 0.5 - 40 KA
  • Impulse Spark-over Voltage@1KV/μs(V): up to 6000 V






How to select the proper GDT

  • DC breakdown voltage: should be higher than the peak working voltage of the protective circuit
  • Impulse spark over voltage: should be lower than the max voltage of the post stage protective circuit allowed
  • Arc voltage: should be higher than the peak of the supply voltage
  • Discharge current capability: should be higher than the max current circuit allowed